10 Basic Mantras of the Mahajrya Buddhist Tradition

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There are 10 Basic Mantras that we recommend you begin with on the spiritual path.  Practicing the mantra recitation is called charging the mantra.  The basic recipe for charging the mantras is 9X12.  This means 9 Malas per day for 12 consecutive days.  If you don't have a mala, charge the mantras by time.  30 minutes per day for 12 consecutive days.  If you skip a day, just add an additional day at the end. If you skip more than one day, you must start over from day 1. 


Recite the mantra as fast as you feel comfortable but make sure that you enunciate each word of the mantra.  I've recited the mantras more slowly in these basic initiations for the purpose of helping you get used to the sound of the mantra but you will develop speed as you practice. 


May you progress toward self mastery and enlightenment.

-Maha Raja

The Mahajrya Buddhist Tradition observes the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha.  However, our tradition also acknowledges the wisdom of 4 other masters; Jesus, Krishna, Melkitzedeq and Maha Vajra.

Mahajrya Buddhism, although non-orthodox, is based on or considered a sub-branch of Mahayana Buddhism.  This Buddhism is more focused on the practice of embodying states of being and therefore is a highly efficient and fast way to advance on the path of self-mastery and enlightenment.


- Maha Raja 




Technique is paramount.  Practice is everything.  But FREEDOM IS ABSOLUTE.

Do as little or as much work on yourself as you choose and don't be hard on yourself.  Believe in yourself until you are ready to believe in something far greater from which your power emanates.

I am here to help you find your power.

-Maha Raja