5 Basic Dharmas of Mahajrya Buddhism for your Liberation, Expansion and Enlightenment


How to know if you are in a cult?

-They believe that the leader or teacher is always right and possesses "the" truth.

-They believe that only their group has "the" truth.

-They believe that their group is "the" chosen one by God.

-They believe that their leader or teacher is "the" chosen one by God.

-They believe that the student, apprentice, subject, etc., could never be like their leader or teacher.


You do not belong to any teacher, spiritual guide, Guru, Saint, Priest, leader, etc.

It does not matter how much wisdom, supernatural power or worldly power he or she possesses and it does not matter how charismatic or famous he/she is, or if he/she still lives or has already died, or if he/she was enlightened or not enlightened, and it does not even matter if he/she is considered to be an ascended master or self-realized or not.

You must always keep your absolute freedom so that you can completely free yourself from suffering, so that you can enlighten and so that you can self-realize.

This does not mean that you do not receive help from a teacher full of wisdom, virtue and/or power. It does not mean that you do not show respect, reverence, gratitude, etc. But you must always know that you do not belong to him or her and that you are absolutely free - free to continue learning from that teacher or from any teacher as you wish.

However, it is not recommended that you are always changing your teacher or spiritual tradition or religion as this leads you to not develop stability.

Once you have found a teacher with an effective method and teaching, stay there until you have truly reached the point of needing a new teacher to continue evolving and moving towards your expansion and liberation.


Your freedom is absolute. You have free will, however there is a big difference between freedom and anarchy. The more you truly embrace your freedom, the more you embrace the responsibility of your freedom and simply become fully responsible for all aspects of your life. The more responsibility you accept, the more empowered and in charge of your life you feel.

There is no freedom without responsibility. It is not possible to live in freedom and without consequences at the same time; that is a fantasy.

When you are too immature you will always want to use your freedom without accepting the consequences of painfully forcing, controlling and manipulating others, always wanting to get away with everything and always winning at everything. This is anarchy.

Anarchy destroys the natural balance within life and leaves only suffering everywhere. Anarchy is wanting to do whatever you want, when you want, with whoever you want, where you want, without making yourself conscious and responsible for the consequences of your actions.

Anarchy is the attempt to escape from reality into a fantasy and drama of a still immature, unconscious personality, who lives trapped as the effect of life, wanting to be free of it by brute force, self-centered control and manipulation, instead of becoming conscious, responsible and empowered to remain in command of their own life, with flexibility and prudence.

Choose your freedom accepting that you are completely responsible for your actions and your results, because only then will you empower yourself in consciousness and self-mastery.

Say NO to anarchy.

Embrace your freedom.


You are not a bad person and you are always doing the best you can and we can always do it better, even if it is little by little. Others are also only doing their best with their level of understanding, experience, etc. Forgive yourself and forgive them for not knowing how to do it better. You're just barely learning how to do it better.

The degree to which you accept that you are not guilty but you are responsible defines your degree of consciousness that you are acquiring. When you decide to stop blaming the world and yourself for your problems, you decide to take full responsibility for the results you are getting in your life and you decide to pay more attention (awareness) to your methods to see how they give you the results that do not feel good or maybe even feel like terrible suffering.

When you take responsibility you decide to take your life in your own hands and improve yourself to produce better results in your relationship with yourself, with others and with life itself.


You are free to continue practicing your religion for the rest of your life, if you so choose, and at the same time you are free to do spiritual practices.

You are also free to enter or leave any religion when you decide, as you choose.

You do not belong to any religion or spiritual tradition because your freedom is absolute.

The spiritual path is lived and practiced in any place, time or space and within or outside any group, organization, club or religion.

You are free to travel the spiritual path at your own pace or to push yourself as little or as much you decide according to your free will.

However, to see great results of your spiritual practice, of course it is necessary to be constant, persevering, disciplined, committed and conscious, always according to your free will. And of course you are free not to be constant, persevering, disciplined, committed and conscious in your spiritual practice because freedom is absolute and you will simply have to live the results that you get.

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