A Good Spiritual Teacher is Essential but Practice is Everything

Have you heard the phrase "you can take the animal to water but you can't make it drink?" It sounds logical and it is true because freedom is absolute.

There are good spiritual teachers in the world willing to guide us to free ourselves from suffering. There always have been. So why are we the way we are in the world?

The answer is very simple; we are free not to practice the Dharma or to only practice it very little. Practice makes a master. Lack of practice we already know what it does.

How much practice and experience could you speculate that Maha Vajra has as a spiritual master? How many lives dedicated to self-mastery? How many lives patiently guiding students to reach some realizations to remain a little more conscious? The answer is: many. Much work has been done.

But we don't have to speak in spiritual terms. It is too easy to describe a child as a prodigy or blessed by God or a genius, who at an early age plays a musical instrument very well without having received instruction in it. It is very easy to want to be like him. But it is children like this who are subjected to rigorous instruction and practice for the simple fact of being born that way.

Now consider the following. How many lives do you think it takes to dedicate to music, for example, to start being born with that information, experience and wisdom already awakened in you? How many lives dedicated to music to start being born as a genius? The answer is simple: many.

On the spiritual path it is the same. At some point we all want to be like the master and better yet, we want to be the master, but few of us are willing to do what is required; the work to achieve it, for as long as it takes, for as many lives as necessary.

We can all develop peace and live in peace. This world could already be living in peace. Why aren't we? The answer is simple; it requires practice (work). The ego does not like work (greed of my time and energy). Also because of attachment because we depend on the drama of life to feel alive and so life is worth living because of drama.

How many hours of peace contemplation practice or how many hours of reciting the peace mantra is required to develop peace? Answer: the number it takes for you.

How many hours of practicing forgiveness, literally forgiving what or who you have to forgive, does it take to get rid of resentment? How many hours of contemplation of forgiveness or recitation of the mantra of forgiveness is required to free yourself from resentment? Answer: the number it takes for you.

Freedom is absolute, it is true. The awakening of consciousness and enlightenment may simply happen for some because more work was done than others. However, if you are aiming at self-realization, a good teacher is essential but practice is everything.

What are you willing to do with your free will? How are you going to invest it?

Your freedom is absolute.

May you find the desire, the decision and the perseverance to continue working in yourself.

Practice the Dharma.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

-Maha Raja

P.s. Here I leave you the sculpture of David produced by Michelangelo. It takes a little practice to do something like this, don't you think?




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