Fight-Freeze-Flight and The Ego

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I have seen many clients improve mental and emotional wellness and I have seen them release inner conflict simply because I run them through this Dharma, either thoroughly including all masks of the ego or at least partially explaining the connection of the Fight-Freeze-Flight Response and Anger/Rage, Fear/Anxiety and Low self esteem, sadness and depression. Of course I also teach them to breathe through their emotional reactions consciously (Emotional Integration Technique).

This information as I present it here, is not officially part of the Mahajrya but I share it because it has helped many of my clients and it might help you too.

In life you are either being guided by your higher self or Soul Self in consciousness and wisdom, seeing everything as just experience, willing to learn better ways of interacting with life, ways that promote wellness for the whole, constantly finding opportunities to live with less and less pain and more and more of the good stuff within the self and without, as you connect with others.


You are being controlled by your lower self or animal self in the Fight-Freeze-Flight response, learning slowly and painfully, repeating painful patterns of behavior, sure that others need to change, not you, other are wrong and you are right, others are animals but not you or the opposite, it's all your fault. You keep living in constant competition with others and even with yourself. You convince yourself that you are bad or a sinner or defective or unworthy or live in judgement of others attitudes, reactions, life styles, beliefs, etc.

You are not a BAD HUMAN BEING. You are not defective. You are not a sinner. You simply don't have enough efficient and willful practice in mastering your animal self. You simply haven't learned how to avoid painful thinking, painful feeling and painful interaction with others and yourself. You have invested too much in animal living and in the entertainment that a dramatic life affords you.

But, let's say that you are now ready to grow and mature and evolve as a human being. You are ready to be a little more responsible with yourself and your life.

Firstly you have to acknowledge that you are an animal and that you have been living like an unconscious animal. This is obvious, we belong to the animal kingdom. We are mammals. We eat, sleep, defecate and copulate just like other animals.

We live in a human animal jungle, regardless of how large our brain is and regardless or how intelligent a human being is, regardless of how much information we can store in our brain, and regardless of how much technology and infrastructure and scientific discovery has been accomplished, regardless of how much better and different you tell yourself you are from other animal, we... are.. still... animal... beings.

We are animal and therefore we are still being controlled by an animal survival mechanism (instinct) that must be paid attention to and dealt with, that must be understood, that must be addressed directly, that must be tamed, educated and transformed, if we hope to evolve out of it.

The Emotional integration technique as taught by the master who created it, Maha Vajra, or as taught by Shiva Gam in his school of Emotional Integration, is the foundation of self development and liberation from suffering used in the Mahajrya Buddhist Tradition. Countless students have freed themselves of too much suffering and torment by simply using Emotional Integration to help themselves.

Learn Emotional Integration. Look for a teacher in the Mahajrya Buddhist Tradition. Seek to learn Emotional Integration and more than that, once you learn it, practice it.

The cultivation of consciousness or mindfulness is key to all of this, even to emotional integration. Seek to cultivate consciousness through meditation. Seek to hear the Dharma that Maha Vajra expounds, or from Shivagam or from any of the many teachers in the Mahajrya Buddhist Tradition.

We, as teachers in the Mahajrya, are here to support you in your quest to live with less and less pain. We are here to help you liberate yourself. we are here to help you empower yourself.

May you embrace and benefit from the Dharma.

May you liberate and empower yourself

May you live with more peace in your life.

-Maha Raja




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