Protests & Riots: Choose Your Dharma

Respectful (of ego) and tactful Dharma:

Be responsible but socially engaged in your community. Spread awareness of social issues and promote change and improvement for everyone. Support those in need of understanding for what they are going through. It is understandable how people are reacting because of so much injustice that has gone on for so long. Change sometimes only happens through painful conflict because the powers that be do not listen to the people. But destruction of property cannot be condoned. It´s ok to be spiritual and be engaged in issues that are going on around you and it´s ok to voice your opinion and voice your support according to what is just and according to your free will.

Dharma for beginners:

Breathe into your abdomen and stay as grounded as you can as the world experiences turmoil and uncertainty. Practice the cultivation of consciousness through meditation (mindfulness) to relieve as much stress as possible. Have faith that everything will get better and back to normal at some point, probably sooner rather than later. If you find it too hard to meditate on your own, help yourself with a recorded guided meditation even with an app, whatever works to help yourself feel a little more at ease. Do some prayer as well. Pray for justice and pray for peace.

Dharma for intermediate level students:

Choose to promote peace. Be a supporter of peace. Practice peace. Talk about peace. Spread peace. Stay vulnerable to what you feel and do your emotional integration to free yourself of inner pressure. Notice that your opinion makes no difference to situations completely out of your control. Accept that everything that´s going on out there is not in your control and breathe through what you feel about it. Try not to rationalize about what´s going on in the world right now or at least keep it in check. What do you feel? Breathe consciously through what you feel for a few minutes a day and then repress what you feel and do something that makes you feel better like some exercise, listen to music, talk to a friend, read a good book with a positive message, etc.

Dharma for advanced students:

There is no difference between protests and riots because it is like talking about feeling irritation and feeling rage, both are just different degrees of the same thing. This is the arrogance of hate taking possession of the whole human for the purpose of getting away with destruction in the name of change and justice and fairness. The ego wants change through the destruction of ideas, attitudes, beliefs, situations, processes, organizations, people, whatever it takes to feel in control again. The ego disagrees with what exists and simply does not want to bother with it any longer and wants it gone out of existence.

If you feel offended and indignanted by injustice, you still believe in drama. Do your emotional integration. If you feel disappointed at the police force, government, media, news, protesters, looters, you still believe in drama. Do your emotional integration. What must you mourn (be willing to lose) within and without to remain free? Is it your opinion? Is it the value that you place on some lives over others? Is it your belief in value-worth? Is it wanting to be right about your beliefs? Is it the loss of property? Is it loss of life? Is it your belief in injustice? Is it your belief in justice? What must you mourn in order to remain free? Do your emotional integration. Practice the Dharma.

We as a species are still producing leaders in all kinds of positions of power that are guided by animal instinct because most of us in the world are yet to accomplish self mastery. It is our own global karma to go through everything that happens in the world according to our collective ego.

The ego believes in accumulating more of everything for itself and less for others, like power, respect, worth, money, and all kinds of other resources. The ego believes self mastery means ultimate control over everything and everyone. The ego believes that to join God means to become God-like or if possible to become a God or even better to become God by overtaking and replacing God while in separation, which means while remaining an ego self. Self mastery in consciousness is yet to be fully accomplished therefore practice the Dharma.

Dharma for those responsibly working on self-mastery:

Remain conscious of all reactions. Remain conscious of the most subtle of reactions as well as the obvious reactions. Softly embrace every single reaction at every plane of consciousness that you are able to, physical, vital, emotional and mental and beyond. At the same time that you embrace everything as it is with simplicity within yourself and in the world, embody a higher state of being like compassion or forgiveness or peace, for life just the way it is happening.

Remain fully conscious embracing the whole and accepting the whole without any more intention of anything. Let go of all intention and simply be the whole just as it is. Stay in a state of simplicity. Stay in freedom.

Maha Raja

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