The Individual Vs. The Whole

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Encoded at a genetic level, the Fight-Freeze-Flight Survival Mechanism operates automatically to insure NOT your individual survival, but the survival of the human species of which you are part. Of course to insure the species continues existing, you individually must also exist, so in a way you benefit inevitably from this survival mechanism. And what a blessing this has turned out to be, as you will see (at some point).

This Fight-Freeze-Flight mechanism (FFF for the remainder of this commentary), when observed consciously, teaches the individual self (ego) that the only worldly value a human being has is commensurate to the benefit the individual brings to the whole. This simply means that in a global perspective of survival of the species, you are not as important as you might have thought or as you would like to be or even as you pretend to be.

Life has insured there are always spare parts being produced, if you have not noticed. There is absolutely no shortage of spare human beings to keep the species going. This simply means you are disposable, replaceable and sometimes downright undesirable, from a global perspective of survival of course.

Have you noticed that you individually are not indispensable even to the people that depend on you? Life always finds a way. Have you noticed how most orphans survive even if parents die or simply abandon them? Have you noticed how easily you are replaced in most any work position in life? Have you noticed that even presidents, dictators and despot rulers are replaceable, even if eventually and sometimes unexpectedly (JFK). Have you noticed how short and fragile individual human life is?

Consciously and with simplicity contemplating this fact of life might afford you a little extra humility, and we can all use a little extra humility in this world of samsara. Humility is required in order to become a little more selfless and a little less egocentric, caring a little more about the wellness of others, being a little more tolerant, a little more patient, a little more inclusive, a little more helpful, charitable, compassionate, thoughtful, mindful, in other words, a little better as a human being.

Caring for the whole and bringing benefit to the whole doesn’t mean you must no longer care about yourself or give up your dreams and goals. Caring for the whole means caring about yourself as well. You are… part… of the whole. You cannot say that you care about the whole if you don’t care about yourself at the same time. The better you care for yourself, the better equipped you are for caring for others. So you must care about yourself at the same time. Be good to yourself and be good to others.

The thing is, too many of us care too little for the whole and often too little even about ourselves individually. When I say not caring enough I mean not caring mindfully, not caring consciously, not caring responsibly, not caring humbly, much less compassionately. There is definitely too much caring egocentrically, trying always to win over others in perpetual competition with others, always wanting to come out on top in every situation, wanting to look good superficially, wanting to know more than others, have more than others, be more important than others, receive more respect than others, etc.

Have you noticed how easily you get offended and your feelings hurt when you don’t get your way? Have you noticed how easily you become anxious and afraid when life happens in ways that seem turbulent or even aggressive? Have you noticed how fragile your ego is despite living constantly for the benefit of your ego, wanting to control and manipulate people and force situations out of pure survival defensive response, out of pure animal response.

This kind of attitude which more than an attitude is a lack of desire for self betterment and a lack of desire for the betterment of the whole, which simply means there is too… much… ignorance… in our minds still. And yet, this type of automatic living purely in survival is the FFF mechanism at work keeping you alive and keeping the species going. This is survival living. This is animal living. We are not done with it yet, is all it means. We have not mastered it yet. It masters us.

The blessing of the FFF mechanism is that it keeps us going, surviving. The FFF mechanism is the master of survival. So don’t worry, everything appears to indicate that life will go on, somehow. There is only one drawback about this mechanism and that is that it is based on ignorance, the ignorance of our higher self and therefore this mechanism is very painful. We are painfully surviving in competition for resources and status.

When there is too much ignorance, the FFF mechanism takes over (your mind, emotions, body) painfully, to insure life goes on for human beings. So you see, when you are not consciously in charge, animal nature (FFF mechanism) is in charge, always. Nature is king. As a species we are very, very slowly awakening to our higher nature, to our divine nature and to our power. Awakening happens little by little. Enlightenment happens little by little. Conscious living takes over survival living, little by little, as you consciously embrace it.

We have known for thousands of years how to master the FFF mechanism or animal survival. Countless masters have been spreading the Dharma, some of them famously indeed, Christ, Buddha, Krishna, and others, most others from the background. Free will keeps us where we are. Free will can liberate us. Free will is absolute.

What will you do with your free will?

Be patient with your spiritual practice. Persevere in consciousness. Believe in global evolution. Free yourself. Free others. Find your power and help others find their power.

Maha Raja




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