Terms, Conditions & Disclosures

By purchasing in-person or video-conference sessions individually or as packages for yourself and others, and/or pre-recorded courses and classes in the form of digital products, you acknowledge that:

I, Maha Raja (Jose Luis Barron), do not treat medical diseases or medical conditions.

I, Maha Raja (Jose Luis Barron) am not a medical doctor or medical practitioner.

I, Maha Raja (Jose Luis Barron) do not diagnose medical diseases or conditions.

I, Maha Raja (Jose Luis Barron) do not make promises of specific results because results vary from client to client and student to student according to innumerable individual variables and factors.

All services and pre-recorded courses, classes and digital products offered in person or on-line are only for the purpose of personal development and personal enhancement.

All services are informative, motivational and educational.

All services are part of personal ministry.

All services are spiritual guidance in nature.

You the client are only seeking to learn traditional means and ways for maintaining the best possible wellness of body, mind and spirit.

All suggestions for improved personal wellness, all information shared with you the client and all services offered are to be used only as part of a life-style philosophy of holistic natural wellbeing.

You the client will not stop any medical treatment now on in the future without the authorization of your physician or licensed medical practitioner.

You the client is guided to consult your medical doctor, physician or licensed medical practitioner before beginning a new exercise routine, weight loss reminen, alternative wellness technique or taking nutritional supplements.

You the client is guided to always compliment suggestions for natural wellness solutions with your own research, understanding, prudence, self-responsibility and common sense.

Regarding FEES paid for services, courses, classes and digital products, whether in person or online, whether live or pre-recorded, all fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

You the client agree to complete programs of self improvement in the form of prepaid number of private sessions in a maximum of 3 months from the day of purchase for programs of multiple sessions of up to 12 prepaid sessions.  If you the client stop your program of a number of prepaid sessions and you go past the 3 month limit already mentioned, you the client agree to lose the rest of your sessions.  You the client can transfer unused prepaid sessions to somebody else prior to the expiration limit of 3 months.

You the client agree to give 24 hours notice to reschedule set appointments or risk losing your prepaid appointment and agree to replace your lost prepaid appointment at the regular current rate of an individual private service session.  Failure to give 24 hours notice for either cancellation or rescheduling of any appointment will result is charges to you the client in the amount of a regular current fee for individual private session when you are either on a pay-per-visit basis or when you have scheduled your first appointment.

Whenever a disagreement between you the client and Maha Raja (Jose Luis Barron) arises regarding services offered and/or delivered, you agree to seek and exhaust all possible ways to reach an amicable mutually beneficial resolution of such disagreement.